Jason Worley is an Executive Creative Director with strategic thinking, creative vision, unique leadership with the team to enable innovation and growth for the company. With deep understanding of the business landscape, consumer behavior, and emerging trends to develop breakthrough creative concepts that not only capture the attention of the attracted audience but also align with the brand's values and objectives for an ever-improving brand-to-customer relationship. Committed to fostering a culture of collaboration, inspiration, and excellence, where creative talent that will thrive and deliver meaningful results. By working closely with cross-functional teams and stakeholders ensuring that every project is executed with precision, efficiency, and effectiveness, delivering measurable business outcomes and elevating the brand's reputation and competitive position. 

Executive Creative Director


Head of Investor Relations & Communications of Groundstone, a private equity real estate firm – 2020-2023.
Jason invests in real estate with an operating business partner. Naturally a brand and market presence was established with a creative vision and audiences to attract with partners with strategic highlights including: 

By Operational Design, Jason is an Owner/Investor in PERE directing and delegating functions to optimize and maximize integration across Operations & Management, Marketing, Fundraising, Investor Relations, Fund Management, Accounting, and Auditing.
Co-Chairing an Investment Committee of 7+.
Building an optimal structure for effective & efficient development for performing investments. 

Notable Creative Projects: Multifamily Investment Fund, E.U. Sports Commercial Real Estate Advisory, Strategic Partnership with large Private Equity Firm, Hotels for Oil & Energy Executives in an Emerging Market and Commercializing Investment Event for Ruling Family of Abu Dhabi. 

Chief Executive Officer of Worley, a Creative Marketing Agency – 2016-2022.
Jason founded a creative marketing agency with a launch approach to support brand-to-market services with strategic highlights including: 

Defining company strategy, creative ethos, operations, processes, sales & business development, RFPs, leadership, financials, accounting, HR, and culture.
Leading multi-disciplinary talent for the collective team; President/Client Relations, SVP of Strategy, Art Directors, Editorial & Proofing, Designers, Developer, and contractors.
Developing Consultative, Brand Platform, and a Launch Platform for emerging-to-enterprise brands with their brands, products, programs and/or projects.
Establishing diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture to engage with a sense of belonging.
Presenting and representing the creative concept with in-depth knowledge of why choices are being made across disciplines.
Developing and maintaining relationships with clients and external partners. 

Notable Creative Projects: Brand Launch for Lehigh Valley Health Network’s M&A of 6 companies, Iota Communications, and Delphi360 IoT product launch. 

Clients & New business won: Janssen, Kezar Life Sciences, Andira Pharmaceuticals, BostonIVF, Lehigh Valley Health Network, Iota Communications, and Ideal Concepts. 

Executive Creative Director of Liquid Interactive, a Digital Marketing Business – 2018-2019.
Liquid hired Worley agency for support such as: Graphic Design, Editorial & Proofing, and ECD. Jason took on an ECD/Consultative hands-on role at the company with strategic highlights including:  

Growing agency revenue ~178% with new business and improving key functional areas across the business model and systems with business leadership, leadership and department heads. Historically, revenue grows incrementally.
Evaluating, mentoring, and counseling direct reports of 10, and advising 6 from other functions.
Jason was offered Chief Creative Officer position several months before the engagement ended.
Establishing, scopes, budget, approvals, timesheets, team behaviors, perspectives, creative deliverables, and career pathways.
Creative Strategic Visioning with the company. Reporting to the CEO/COO, Senior Executives, and Sales to achieve goals and objectives.
Leading and building a Creative & Video Department of 10 while integrating with other functions with an iterative model for agile collaboration and output.
Aligning with a brand consultant to reposition the company. Reporting into me for branding to the market while aligning with leadership on the operational and functional changes from Marketing Agency to Digital Business.
Liaison and Mediating to a big shift from department silos to an iterative leadership and management through workshops, leadership meetings and one-on-one leadership meetings with 90/10 focus on solution/problem.
Developing creative concepts with team through creative thinking and novel deliverables.
Working with HR for talent, hiring, approval, performance reviews, and leadership development.
Articulating & adapting to complex concepts, project milestones, deliverables, and risks to account leads and senior management, while communicating progress, issues & accomplishments.
Foster positive relations between creative department and other agency functions. 

Creative Notable Projects: Lehigh Valley Health Network M&A rebranding internally and externally. Rebrand Blue Ridge. Led a select team of 20 for a Tech Innovation submission of ideas for Volvo Trucks positioned as a ‘Co-Creations for Global Operating Brand’ (gaining attention at Volvo Group in Sweden). 

Clients: Lehigh Valley Health Network, Populytics, Blue Ridge Communications, and others.
New business won: Nutrisystem, Lehigh Valley Health Network, Blue Ridge Communications and others. 

Art Director of Cadient Group (Acquired by Cognizant) – 2010-2016. 

Creative Directing AstraZeneca‘s diabetes brand portfolio of an ~$8M book of business with a robust creative & digital team alongside a Executive Creative Director as a part of career path.
Over the course of his time at Cadient/Cognizant, Jason played a transformative role with teams and creative leadership from a production-focused service agency into a world-class Digital AOR agency who was responsible for some of the biggest and recent digital innovations in the pharmaceutical and life science industry. Doing so through by design approach, education, and culture driving innovation and building trust with our multi-disciplinary teams, clients and all C-levels. To allow innovations to launch to health systems, healthcare, and life science.
Facilitating workshops with team, business leadership, and client engagement.
Evaluating, mentoring, and counseling direct reports and team of 24 in U.S. and India. 

Notable innovations include; holistic creative thinking towards two audiences building a relationship—patients and health care professionals—on how various diabetes drugs and foods work in the body via storytelling, video, infographics, and digital storytelling. As well as a creative assassin for many brands via brand strategy, brand identity, conceptual thinking, and illustration. 

Clients: AstraZeneca; Farxiga, Xigduo, Onglyza, Kombiglyze, & Movantik, and Incyte.
New business won: Farxiga U.S., Brilinta, and Johnson & Johnson. 

Adjunct Professor for Graphic Design of Northampton Community College – 2009-2009. 

Conducting higher education for Communication Designs for over 50 sophomore students.
Attending faculty meetings, appraisals, guidance, hands-on training, and teaching.
Recreating curriculum and refreshing all design projects. 

Senior UI Designer of Liquid Interactive, a Digital Marketing Agency – 2006-2010. 

Developing brand identities and storytelling experiences for B2B and B2C brands through conceptual art, digital experiences, website design, and trade show motion design. 

Clients: TevaUSA, Aesculap USA, Aria Health, BBraun, Just Born’s Marshmallow Peeps, Mack Trucks, Volvo Trucks, and Arai Helmets. 


Bachelor of Fine Arts, Kutztown University, PA – 2005-2007. 

Communication Designs, Northampton Community College – 2003-2005. 


Serving as Program Director for Lehigh University for a Global Alumni Entrepreneur platform for over 120 countries discussing Brand, Marketing and Communication in the global market with dynamic market conditions for two years.
Advisor to many companies to commercialize in the market. Including and not limited to real estate firms, technology investment firms, and Fund Managers across different asset/investments.
Co-Chair of Communications for Rotary International.
Board of American Heart Association, and numerous community boards. 


Leadership & Management for his companies and other agencies.
Communication & Presentation. Don’t forget active listening and diagnosing.
Strategic Thinking and problem solving. Spending 90% on solution.
Business Acumen for financial analysis, forecasting and revenue generation.
Creative and Innovation as a way of being and believing.
Results-oriented with a focus on the process to ensure tiered out standards for optimal results.
Relation Building & Collaboration within the team, with other departments, and the company. Even add client engagement in there too.
Software – Expert in Adobe Creative Cloud, Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign and Microsoft Sharepoint, Word, Powerpoint, Excel, & others. Exploring A.I., automation tools, and martech platforms.