What to expect from the base offering for a fundlaunch website landing page

Engaging Fund Landing & Investor Login Page

A main landing page to tell an engaging story for investors to invest. The Investor Login page on the front end for investors.

Strategic Direction

Light strategic direction to gain more operational details to ensure your strategy is sound.


A long scrolling page design that is interactive to present your fund while being creative and engaging.

Images & Icons

Stock photography and visuals from our agency account to support the fund page increasing visual presentation.

Copywriting, Editorial & Proofing

Light Copywriting to suggest your message packs a punch or maybe you nailed it. And then there is editorial & proofing to confirm the flow of copy as well as grammar.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO for copy, social sharing, and descriptions (SEO strategy and targeting not included).

Compliance Pages

Compliance pages for google, errors, privacy, and terms and conditions.

Google Analytics

Connecting the fund website to google analytics to access a dashboard to gain insights on your traffic.

We streamline the launch in 3 smooth points to launch your fund landing page.

Buy Below

Purchase below for the fund landing page offering. (If you are looking for additional services than by all means email connect@worleyglobal.com to discuss)


In an email to blackcard@worleyglobal.com send the following after payment:

  1. Your pitch deck with operational details
  2. Send 'permissions' from your domain to this email. If you don't have a domain then a new domain is included for 1 year and tell us which domain you want.
  3. Send 'access' to google analytics with your gmail email. How to share access.
  4. Add additional notes in your email for us that will support us further.

Refine & Launch

We'll share a prototype of your website to review. That way we can make revise and tighten up before we launch! Done.

Previous Investment Fund Websites

Examples may be one-pagers or a full website to fit fund managers needs

Brief Product Description: A fund launch website landing page & investor login page with compliance pages to be compliant, engaging, and present as a well-structured opportunity to invest in. WordPress subscription is not included.

What else can we do together? We cater to your objectives and budget to grow and build.

Campaigns & Content Marketing

Full Website

Video & Motion Graphics


Brand Strategy & Visual Branding

Promotional Materials

Strategic Workshops amongst stakeholders/teams

Digital Marketing

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